This session is for women who have struggled with their sexuality, and struggled with discovering their authentic, sexual selves. If you’ve never given yourself the chance to fully explore your sexuality, this session is for you.

Perhaps you’re a little shy to even talk about sex due to a strict, conservative upbringing. 

Perhaps you were told growing up that sex was bad, a sin, or something that you never, ever discussed with others.

But perhaps you want to learn more about yourself, and your sexual desires…and were never really given the chance to do so. 

I help guide women safely through the process of discovering their own sexuality, helping them to become sexually awakened and liberated.

Tantric massage is all about helping you to become more sexually alive!

Learn how to tap into and safely explore your own sexual energy, and awaken your senses, all while being in a safe space to do so with the Exploration Session.

Your session will include a sensual massage where I focus on all of your needs, heightening, building and “stirring up” all of those latent, sexual energies just bubbling beneath the surface!

This will culminate in a Sacred Spot (or G-Spot) Massage. 

As always, I will honor any and all boundaries you may have.

It is my honor to serve you!

Session Length:
  • 2 hr
  • 4 hr
  • 6 hr