Sometimes, all we want is a little loving touch, warm hugs, or a sweet caress. What better way to relax and do all of this, than with a Cuddling session?

Cuddling has so many wonderful physical and mental health benefits for everyone!  It helps to release oxytocin, which boosts our mood and helps us to relax and feel connected. Cuddling also helps us de-stress, lowers blood pressure, and allows us to sleep better! Make an afternoon (or early evening) of it, and book my Afternoon Siesta! Or, nourish yourself all night and turn our Cuddling Session into a restful, soothing, sleepover. 

All Cuddling sessions are platonic touch only, no exceptions.

Session Length:
  • 2 hr Afternoon Siesta
  • 12 hr All-Night Immersion