Ladies, Jack is the kind of man you only hope exists: sensual, loving, tender, and yet also incredibly strong, solid and (bonus!) sexy AF.

He gives the gift of sensual and Tantric massage, and he’s truly an artist of his craft. He holds boundaries and containers fully (so important!), and during our Goddess session, he completely wowed me with his ability to be masculine, professional, skillful and intuitive.

As a discerning woman and sex worker myself, before I met with Jack I noticed my own judgements about male sex workers coming up: I either noticed they tended to be “creepy,” or else way too much in their feminine. However, neither could be further from the truth with Jack. He’s a miracle, and you are a Goddess who deserves the pleasure of his loving service.

With him, I felt safe to be seen in all the dynamic realms of my sexuality, from my wild woman to my receptive feminine. I felt the full range, between loved and cherished, to turned on and ecstatic.