Jack is very gifted in massage/energy work as well as tantric whole body integration. I’ve had amazing results in physical and emotional awakening from his work. I felt extremely safe and loved throughout the session. He is very respectful of boundaries while at the same time clearing out fears and blockages, allowing healing to occur at the deepest level. Jack is one of the first legit energy workers I received work from, and he is amazing! He was present, knowledgeable, intuitive, warm, and over all very good at what he does. I felt comfortable opening myself up to him, both emotionally physically and mentally. If i felt the need to have him stop and focus on a certain area, he was there to support and hold space for me. I feel so truly bless to have been able to experience this.  Words cannot express how eternally grateful I am to him. I hope that others will be as fortunate as I was to be a recipient of his care.