Best massage I’ve ever had!!! I’ve been getting massages for over 30 years & I’ve never had a massage as wonderful as this one with Jack! Not only does he use calming reiki techniques throughout the massage, he massages the scalp & feet at no additional charge. The most amazing part of this experience is he ALWAYS goes over the time booked! All other massages I’ve had say I’m booked for a 90 minute massage & only get an hour 20 minutes stating they need the extra 10 minutes for set up. There is no ridiculous set up fee with Jack & you get the full time booked as an extraordinary massage! Jack comes into my home & transforms my living room into a relaxing oasis complete with warm, comfy blankets, soothing music, & aromatherapy oils. I will never get a massage from anyone else! Jack is the best – for men & women! Do yourself a favor & book a massage with Jack TODAY!