Kim C.

Wowza, Jack, thank you! You far exceeded my expectations! I left in such a deep, relaxed state of bliss. I moved to Denver earlier in the year, didn’t know many people here. Soon after moving here, I went into lock down because of Covid. I went for months with no human touch, which was much more challenging than I ever imagined, it put me in such a deep funk. I yearned for touch and intimacy but currently not dating and choosing not to date right now so needed another option.

I’ve been searching for a tantric massage expert for many years, so I thought it was time to search again. I am so thrilled to find you! You’re a perfect fit for this need.

Your gentle, safe touch and space immediately put me at ease, normally that takes me awhile, I thank you for that!

I look forward to our next session soon!

Thank you for your beautiful contribution to this world!