Kim P.

When something comes as highly rated as one of Jack’s services, you kind of set yourself up to be disappointed – just so that when it isn’t everything you thought it would be, it isn’t such a let down. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with Jack – there was no disappointment.

I wish this review could be original, but alas, I must echo the sentiments of others. Jack gives generously of himself in all of his actions. Be it making you feel relaxed. Be it setting boundaries so that you feel comfortable. Be it taking care of you, his sole (and soul) focus during your time with him. He truly is available to you – and that is a much appreciated gift.

The opportunity to experience time that is all about you is a rarity. And the opportunity to experience that time in a nurturing, sensual, and tranquil space even more of a rarity. However, Jack makes it possible!

As a world traveler, he brings his experiences to life and shares with you the essence of what he has learned. It truly is wonderful to spend time with him!

Jack wants you to reflect on your perfection and helps you to believe in yourself. Easier said than done, but you trust him and that makes it plausible.

It’s true – no disappointment. Rather respect and admiration for a man of confidence who could take a cynical woman to a place of reflection and peace. And, might I add, Jack is the best giver of hugs! Do yourself a favor and find that time…