A well deserved 5-star experience! This was my first time getting massaged by Jack and dare I say, he has the magic touch! Scheduling the appointment was a breeze. He arrived, table and supplies in tow, ready to get started. He’s very personable, the down to earth type, which made for easy, light conversation. He made it a point to make sure that i knew the massage was about my satisfaction… to be vocal if I felt too much pressure, or not enough. I explained to him my problem areas (lower back, quads, hamstrings – – no thanks to my personal trainer) and Jack gave them special attention. I got the 90-minute massage and i was drooling at the end. 😩 In the beginning, he’d whisper and ask me how I was feeling. The whispering triggered my ASMR. Once he understood what I liked, he let his hands do the talking. I’m looking forward to getting a night of good sleep that i haven’t had in a while. I’ll definitely be booking another appointment with Jack.