No experience is complete without my written appreciation. This was my first official Tantric Massage. After meeting you I didn’t feel nervous about it. I never felt rushed or as if I had to Do anything but relax. You explained the details so well… I had a map of what to expect. It sounded luxurious and ended up being exactly that!

I can’t tell you how full, lush and tender your session was for me. I cried so many times just from that realization. I felt so held and cared for. I knew you would take care of me emotionally and physically. In such a short time, I knew that…and that is rare. And the activations…wow. You did just enough to take my body higher without pushing. Very skillful. What I found particularly activating and I don’t know if other women would consider this a boundary or not….was when you laid on top of me to ground me…and your erection was just close enough to brush the outer most edge of my engorged pussy…..and when it (my pussy) contracted involuntarily, it pushed against your tip….that was pure torture. You never used that against me. You never made the experience about your turn-on even though your turn on was obvious. Very sexy and refined. The whole experience showed me that I could be deeply turned on by a man I wasn’t involved with…..and that was kind of liberating. In the end, all the times when you took me up and then grounded me were making me gooey inside….by the time we got to the yoni massage portion, I was ready to open and fly. It was sweet and delicious orgasm.. I sigh just thinking about it.

Your attention to detail. Your grounded presence is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in a sexual atmosphere. Thank you for doing what you do…so well. Yum!