Mary Jo

Where to begin? I am a single mother of a teenager as well as a business owner. My father was a narcissistic, sexually abusive alcoholic. And then I married someone just like him for 16 years. After my divorce, I needed help. I did a lot of healing in various ways including countless hours of talk therapy, and for a while I was a self-help meeting junkie; AA, OA, DV … you get the idea. While all of these modalities are helpful and definitely serve a purpose, nothing got to the root of my “sexual demons.” The ugly part of healing no one wants to talk about. I had complied decades of guilt, shame, embarrassment, self loathing and self defeating thoughts and actions. Without much thought I reached out to Jack and booked with him before I could back out on myself. As nervous as I was, I knew changes needed to be made in order to truly be happy with me, in my skin. It is with all of my heart that I can say I have never experienced anything so beautiful and so healing before in my life. Jack is patient, kind, professional and such a gifted healer. The sacred and ceremonial time with Jack was absolutely life changing!

I wholeheartedly encourage you to heal those “taboo” unspoken wounds. Reaching out to Jack is the best first step you’ll ever make ❤️