This past weekend was my first healing session with Jack. It was an amazing experience. I left feeling euphoric, anchored, calm, full of peace. I have been in a desperate place. Anxious to get rid of the lingering effects of abuse from my marriage. Tired of how easily I am triggered and then left reeling to regain control. Months ago Jack appeared in my Facebook friend suggestions, “The Tantric Cowboy”. Ha! I had no idea what he was about, or what he did until I snooped his profile 😉. It was crazy to me how he was suddenly in my life at the very moment I had been pulled into a deep, fearful, black hole. I don’t believe in coincidences so I reached out to him. I asked him sooo many questions about sexual healing, watched YouTube videos,  and read countless articles. The process seemed so ambiguous. Very difficult to grasp, but the testimonials of those who had received treatment were powerful. I was desperate to be free of my demons. Waiting for my appointment was torturous, but worth every moment.

Today Jack’s treatment was put to the test in an unexpected way. I was in my house when I heard my back gate open. Before my session this sound would have filled me with fear. Almost paralyzing me with heart racing in my chest. Today that did not happen!!! Today I was able to hear the gate and without ANY fear reason as to why it was opened. I was even brave enough to go investigate. It was the boy who mows my lawn😊 I hadn’t expected him today. 😁

What an incredibly normal reaction! I am so filled with gratitude not to have been afraid over that experience. My words fall short of describing how amazing I felt.

I’m excited to see the next manifestations of my healing.

Thank you Jack for giving me some of my freedom back. 🤗🤗🤗