I read about tantra and longed to know how it felt. I’ve had a few men in my life who said they practiced Tantra but it never felt right, so I contacted Jack. I wanted to feel it so then I could teach it to my partner(s) and know what it truly is. I felt loved, deeply and unconditionally loved, connected, honored, cherished, respected, beautiful. His touches were soft, tender,conscious, present. Our breathing made us one. It was like I knew him for ever. There was no shame, it was just pure bliss, divine love. What I did not expect was how it opened my heart, and it stayed open. It now has been two weeks, and my heart is still open. I feel love from the universe and it is showing all over my life. My vibration is higher, my connections are deeper and I am attracting life. My kids see the difference, my coworkers and friends feel the difference as well. This is not about sex, this is about life. Jack has opened my heart in a way that no one has ever done. I wish every women could feel what I have experienced. And I wish every man could learn what he does.