I need to offer my most profound Thanks to Jack and his Facebook page. I can’t express sufficiently all the beneficial things about this page and the magic behind it. To say this man has assisted me would be putting it mildly!

I met Jack 22 months ago, I moved here from a different and extremist culture, and I experienced difficulty with city life. Moving from a rustic town in Kentucky (populace around 10,000) to Denver Co was practically similar to moving to another country without a map. I made some horrendous memories getting acclimated to my new climate. At that point, I saw Jack’s advertisement on Thumbtack for massage. I thought a back rub was all I needed. When I went to his Facebook page, I realized that I wanted to learn about my sexuality as a disabled woman who carries on with a day to day existence as an experience from a wheelchair. Jack is exceptionally receptive but then incredibly considerate and manly outwardly. Also, within, He is caring, thoughtful, patient, and adoring.

A macho marshmallow, which makes him beautiful and attractive. I realized that Jack was the man for me. The one that could assist me with conquering my feelings of trepidation as a sexual being. For quite a long time, I was embarrassed about my sexuality since I experienced childhood in a traditionalist family and climate and settled in my skin once more, following quite a while of dread of communicating my necessities/needs verbally to anybody.  However, Jack caused me to feel like I merited the things I thought I needed a lot for my entire life. Jack was patient and kind to me, although I was panicked. This man who didn’t have any acquaintance with me at all calmed my apprehensions. Soon, I discovered how effectively mending his hands, his embodiment, and his essence genuinely are! Seven months after I initially looked at this man, I am as yet astonished and awed at the pure sorcery that comes from this monitor’s quintessence. The recuperating that I have encountered through touch has been a genuinely incredible encounter! I realize that it’s simply the start of the excursion, and I can hardly wait to perceive what lies ahead for me in my mending and my recently stirred faculties. Yes, even my five faculties have awakened because of this man. Things the vast majority have returned to life, smell, taste, sight, hearing, and obviously, contact has been dead for a long time. All I can say is thank you, Jack, for your hands giving life back to me, and thank you for being so kind and persistently sitting tight for me to find all that life has to bring to the table nowadays. I would prescribe this help to anybody!!! I have grown exponentially since we met. I still remember my growth that came from a single touch. I think of all the places I will go!