To say that working with Jack was a blessing would be a huge understatement.

When my wife approached me with her interest in tantric massage, I freely admit that I was leery and apprehensive, not knowing what to expect, and mind full of preconceived notions. My doubts and concerns were unfounded: Jack was approachable and more than helpful about everything that occurred during sessions, and went above and beyond to make even the most minute of details and occurrences feel comfortable, seamless, and dare I say, blessed.

And when he said that he also did couple sessions, that made the experience all the greater!

I like to say that I am dialed in to my wife’s needs, but Jack assisted in realizing that there are always new facets to learn, and new approaches to making great things even greater. Through the couple’s sessions Jack helped me to be even more attuned to the needs of my wife, not just from a pleasurable standpoint, but from a healing and spiritual one. In my personal opinion, that was the piece of it that intrigued me the most. And the positive effects of Jack’s tutelage, advice, and influence were marked and visible from almost the beginning.

I have noticed marked change in my wife’s demeanor, viewpoints, and opinion of herself. As she has experienced trauma and strife in the past, the healing that she is experiencing through tantric massage is a wondrous thing to behold. And while my wife’s progress through Jack’s practice is an amazing thing, I’d be remiss if I said that being on the path with her through couple’s sessions has not brought about change in me as well.

I have come to understand my wife more. Our communication, already strong, has improved all the more. We have learned to be more vocal about what we want; to use our voices and communicate effectively the things we expect of each other in our love, in our sex life, in our interactions, and most importantly, in our marriage overall. Who would have thought that my wife’s experiences of internal healing would bring about healing and improvement in my own self at the same time?

Well, it has. And I wholeheartedly thank Jack for that!