I believe Jack was sent here to help heal those who are in pain. Whether that pain is physical or mental or both. When I found Jack I had been out of treatment for my depression and pill addiction for only 3 days I was anxiety ridden, and could not relax my mind or body. I was so close to giving up. I went online so I could get out of my head, then somehow I found Jack. I messaged him and he got back to me within 10 minutes. I explained to him how i was feeling and even though it was late, he offered to drive over an hour away to help me. He gave me the most amazing massage and I could actually feel my chakras being aligned. I ended up falling asleep, he had worked on me for 2 hours, and instead of waking me up he just let me sleep. I woke up on my own, and felt rejuvenated. The relief I felt was better than any drug!